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Knowing the choice is yours, you are ready to pay the price, in hard work and persistence to get to the top. 

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About Us

I am a mom, an aunt, a realtor, a missionary, a board member, an enthusiastic volunteer, an evangelist, a toddler coach, a youtuber, a chef at heart, a counselor, an entrepreneur. I enjoy inspirational books, a good laugh, enlightened minds and I am passionate about discipleship as a way of life. I believe that sharing our personal stories of God’s faithfulness is one of the best ways to bring hope and life to people around us. In my spare time, I love equipping people with God’s Word and empowering them to share their stories, so that others can hear of Jesus and be transformed by His love.

 Success has two forms:

Success in living and success in achieving 

Success in the home and success outside the home